You know the saying, “out with the old and in with the new”. Well that is how I am starting off 2016. Full tilt! First of all, Rachelle Anne Photography finally has studio space. I am so, so excited to move into a larger space and have a dedicated area for shooting. Decorating is fun as well. I will be sure to share images when we are finished. You can come by and see us at the brand new Hatler House, located at the corner of Brawley School and Chuckwood. If you live in The Point, you can’t miss us. We are at the entrance to the neighborhood. Location, location, location!

hatler househatler house 2

I couldn’t stop with just a studio. Nope, that would be too easy. So I decided to redesign my logo and give it a little update. I’d love to get some feedback. Since I designed it myself, it is easy to modify. : )

new logo

Over the next few weeks I will be visiting local businesses and introducing myself and my business. Networking is so important for all of us, but being in a new location makes it even more so. I look forward to all the new people I am going to meet and the friendships that are cultivated. Here is a look at the new promo piece I will be sharing.

new location promo

With all this “out with the old….”, I guess I also have to get down to legally changing my last name too! More about that later…

Happy New Year. May 2016 be full of wonderful new adventures for all of us!

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Rachelle Anne Photography provides a number of options for custom printed cards, to include portraits from your session. We have three different options from which clients can choose to have their custom cards created. Each option has its advantages, and the best choice really depends on your personal preference. Please let us know if you’d like to see samples, or discuss your options in more detail.

Option 1: Full Service Cards

Rachelle designs and sometimes collaborates with a professional photographic service company to provide a large selection of custom cards, including “photo cards” and “press printed” cards. If you are interested in quality cards at reasonable prices, please review our Card Catalog here.

You can select any type of card from the on-line catalog or send us an image of a design you have found, and we will incorporate your portrait(s) to create a custom card, including your personal greeting. As you will see in the catalog, cards can have one or many photos included. Just make a note of the catalog number of the card that you would like, and note the image number of the portrait(s) from your session that you want to have included on the card. The charge for the card set-up and ordering is $85. That includes your images. The cost of the cards depends on the style and quantity that you choose (ranging from $2.10 to $4.00 each). Prices include envelopes and shipping. Specialty paper and return address printing are extra. If you’d like a detailed quote, just let me know the catalog number or sample of the card and the quantity you need.

Option 2: “Tiny Prints” Holiday Cards

The second option is for those of you who would like to create your own card, through “Tiny Prints”. They have a program that allows professional photographers to upload images, for clients to use in any of the “Tiny Prints” cards. They have a great selection of contemporary designs, that are press printed on heavy (110lb) card stock. Check out their offerings here.

With this option, we would upload the desired image(s) to “Tiny Prints”, and create an account for you to access your image(s). The charge for this service is $85 (add $10 for each additional image). Then you would incorporate your image(s) into the card of your choice, and place the order yourself. The prices for these cards are listed on the “Tiny Prints” website.

25% off holiday greeting and invitation orders using the code FIRSTLOOK25, 8/12-8/18

Option 3: Quantity 4×6 Prints

Whether they are printed on photo paper, or press printed on card stock, all of the cards in Option 1 and Option 2, incorporate the image(s) into the card itself. If you prefer to insert a photo into a card that you find elsewhere, we can provide quantity 4×6 prints (of the same image) for $1.25 each.

We can also create a 4×6 image to include a border (solid color of your choice), with your personal message. This option provides a unique card when you mount it on 5×7 card stock. My charge for creating the image with custom text and border is $85 (single image only). These quantity 4×6 prints would also be provided at $1.25 each.

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Did you know that your headshot is the new handshake – it is the first impression you make without you even knowing it is happening.

Professional Headshots

Photographing the beautiful and vivacious “Velvet Hammer” was a joy. She needed a professional headshot to match her professionalism and personality. The old one just wasn’t representative of who she really is in the workplace. So glad I could help out!

Professional Headshot

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A very special offer to all my wonderful clients! This spring we will be offering mini sessions for our returning clients. Want to update your wall gallery or need some awesome gift prints? Mini sessions are great. We will shoot on location for 30 minutes. Depending on the day, our location will change. Might be the park, the beach, a trail, or in town. Call to find out where we will be on any given day. This promotion is for weekdays only and based on availability. Weekends are $75 extra, based on availability. This promotion is for return clients only. Sessions available for new clients, but rules may vary. Up to 5 people per session. Additional subjects $30/each. Call today 312.772.LENS, or book online!

2015 mini sessions

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